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    PlayStation 4 Game Console Apple iPhone 5S Apple iPhone 5C Scribblenauts Remix (App) Origin Genesis Gaming PC Man Of Steel Movie 2013 Samsung Galaxy S4 West Highland White Terriers Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Headphones Wii U Game Console HTC One Android Roku 2 XS Video Player Apple iPhone 5


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    Prize Claw (App) worth playing while waiting someone to kill time

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    Xbox 360 Game Console I got this console on Black Friday Deal which I got only for $199 (4GB version with Xbox Kinect). I bought several kinect games which my son loves to play as well some top RPG and action games. You can try the "Arcade" games which you can buy and download on xbox market. What I don't like is you need to pay for the xbox live gold service, I can't play games or used More apps with xboxlive gold requirements that I pay without a membership to xbox live gold (I feel I've been robbed)

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    Xbox Game Console got this console with kinect, playing RPG titles and xbox live arcade games, what I don't like is the gold membership fee (monthly fee). I can't play multplayer online games if I didn't subscribe to gold acc

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    What is the best gaming console? Voted PlayStation 3 Game Console.
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    What's the best TV show of all time? Voted The Walking Dead (TV Series).
    Marvel vs. DC Voted DC Universe.
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    What is your favorite dog breed? Voted West Highland White Terriers.