How do I sign up for Zanda?

    Visit our home page at and click the "Join now" button. Then follow the instructions. You can sign up with your email or through a Facebook or Twitter account.

    How do I sign up through my Facebook or Twitter account?

    Visit our home page at and click the "Join now" button. In the pop up window click on the Facebook of Twitter buttons then follow the instructions.

    How do I update my profile?

    Once you've signed, click on the name you registered with at the top of the page. Click the "update profile" button and follow the steps. Click the "Update" button at the bottom once you're finished.

    Can I change my email address?

    Sure you can! To do this click on your name at the top the page then click the "update profile" button. Type in your new email in place of your current email and click the "update" button at the bottom of the page.

    How do I add a profile image?

    Click on your name at the top of the page and your profile will load. In the big circle click "Add your photo" and follow the instructions.

    How do I change my profile image?

    Click on your name at the top of the page and click the "update image" button. Follow the instructions and voila! you have a new image.

    How do I earn points?

    You can earn points with every interaction on Zanda. From posting an item, making a comment or sharing your rating through Facebook and Twitter, your points unlock badges and increase your personal Zanda status.

    What is an achievement?

    After you click the "have" button, that item will be added to your achievements so people can see all the things you own or have experienced.

    What is a wishlist?

    After you click the "want" button for an item, it is added to your wish list until you own it or experience it.

    What are reviews?

    Reviews are simply written opinions and other valuable insights of an item.

    What does Following mean?

    As you're most likely familiar with on social sites you can follow items and people on Zanda. When you follow something or someone, new activity and news will show up in your Stream.

    What are Followers?

    Just as you can follow people, they can follow you. This means they are interested in the items you are rating and reviewing on Zanda. Your activity will show up in their Stream.

    Can I link my facebook or twitter accounts?

    You betchya. Click on your name at the top of the site then click on "update profile" button. Near the bottom of that page you can link your Facebook and/or twitter accounts. Then click "update."

    How do I deactivate my account?

    If you're sure you want to deactivate your account click your name on the top of the page then click the "update profile" button.  Near the bottom of that page it will say "deactivate account." Before you click it maybe take a quick break, get something to drink or go for a nice walk.  If you still would like to continue click "deactivate account."

    What is the Stream?

    The stream is where you will receive automatic updates from the things and people you follow and the things in your wishlist.

    How do I find new items to rate?

    There are several ways to do this. You can view the items in your stream, use the search box at the top, click on items in the "explore section" or click on trending items or trending users.

    What does Trending mean?

    When a particular item is getting more ratings or reviews than other items they will appear in the trending category so you can see what most people are excited about on Zanda.

    What are Trending Users?

    Users who are the most active and trusted on Zanda appear in Trending users. This helps you connect with ratings and users that are trusted must on Zanda.

    How do I add an item?

    Click the "add item" button on the top of the page and follow then follow the instructions.

    How do I upload an image for an item?

    After you click "add item" click on the "add images" button then follow the instructions.

    Can I add other images to an item?

    Totally! Hover your mouse over the main image and you'll see a "+" sign appear. Click on that, then follow instructions.

    How do I rate an item?

    While viewing an item you'll see a green circle. If no one has given that item a rating it will say "rate now," otherwise you will see a score inside that circle. Simply click the circle then move the slider to vote. 1 being "lame" and 10 being "awesome".

    Is that rating correct? I think it should be different.

    Every vote counts when rating one Zanda. However we do not use a simple average to determine the score. With some fancy math and algorithms we figured out a way to keep the score honest and prevent people from changing the score just because they feel like it instead of giving their true opinion.

    How do you determine the rating score?

    Our Zanda developers are super smart. They use a weighted rating algorithm rather than raw data averages. By using various filters this prevents people from altering the rating score and making the score dishonest. We won't tell you the exact way we do this because we want to make sure no one cheats the system on Zanda. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us.

    Can I change my rating on an item?

    Yes. Simply click the rating button that you used to rate that item the first time to change your rating.

    How do I add a review on an item?

    While viewing an item page there is a section below the image that will show your profile image and a type field. Type in your review, then click "publish" and viola! you're review has been made.

    Can I delete an item I created?

    Nope. Once you create an item it's there to stay. If an item is incorrect or offensive you can click "report" to notify our administrators. (should the creator at least be able to edit?)

    How do I follow an item or a user?

    After clicking on an item or a user, you will find a "follow" button. Simply click that and you'll get notifications in your stream every time there is activity.

    What does Compare mean?

    A Compare is when you want to compare several similar items at once to see people's opinion. When creating a compare you ask a question, for example "What is the best cell phone?" People then vote according to your question.

    How do I create a Compare?

    While viewing an item page you'll see a button that reads "+Compare." Click on that button, then follow the instructions.

    Can I add items to an already created Compare?

    If the creator of the Compare wants to limit it to certain items then they may do so when first creating it. Otherwise you can can add to the Compare by clicking the "+ item to compare."

    What is the homebutton?

    When logged in, the home button will take you to your stream. When logged out the users are taken to the main home page with an overview of Zanda. To go to the homepage, click the little house icon at the tip of your screen.

    What does the share button do?

    The share button lets you share your activity on Zanda with other social networks.

    Can I share my reviews on Zanda across other social network sites?

    Naturally! You can share you activity on your Facebook or Twitter account  by clicking the "share" button while viewing items and compares.

    Can I add Keywords?

    You sure can, while viewing an item you'll see a list of keywords. At the end of that list you can click on the "+keyword" button to add more keywords.

    How do I report abuse or inappropriate content?

    In the comment and review sections below the image of an item or compare you will see the word "Report." Click that and follow instructions to report to our administrators.