What's the most hated Housewife of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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    I messaged Lisa from Day One of Brandi's ingratiating herself into the Vanderpump's life. It is the old cautionary tale about the farmer who found a sick cobra, brought it into his house, made it a lavish bed and fed it the most luxurious pure milk, honey, and tender rabbits and mice. The snake healed and mortally bit the man who had saved it. The farmer, aghast and dying,asked, More "How could you do this to me after I saved you and treated you as an honored guest?" Cobra replied " You knew I was a snake before you brought me in."

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    I've always hated Faye. That fame-seeking, drama queen needs to go back painting people's toe nails!

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    Faye Resnick. Everything about her is fake. She and Kylie are the two most hated celebrities on TV.

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    Kyle's a real meanie! She's always getting into fights and picking on other cast members.

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    Faye Resnick is right now #1 most hated Housewife and I think it is really saying something because she not even is a Real Housewife

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