What is your favorite Housewife of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4?

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    Kim adds nothing but dogs and tears over graduations, Lisa offers us Lemons and Lyme Disease (can't David write a song about that?), a daughter she is bringing to anorexia and MKES HER HONORED GUESTS EAT IN THE KITCHEN before they perform for the real guests; aside from her hideous, hardened face, pathetically miso lucked eyebrows,her ugly hip to toe cellulite, her sex room, More and her prickliness about her religion which only she can bring up since if anyone asks anything about it it,she is suddenly persecuted Gives all Wiccans a bad name.Joyce is the Hair Commercial and Klein is a friend only when the advantage is all hers, plus proves what a ghastly decorator Faye is-that "dining room" is not just 70s but tacky seventies. Iridescent wallpaper, oriental birds, and mauve, Kim? Where is Queer Eye when you need them?

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    Yolanda H. Foster is the best!

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