Playstation 4 or Xbox One? Which of the new consoles do you want to buy?

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    I'm really leaning toward the PS4

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    I bought PS4. I am a Fifa 14 player and the experience using the new console has been extraordinary!

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    The Xbox one succeeds in a lot of aspects of gaming. With the one you're able to voice command it, has internet snap to play games and browse simultaneously, I strongly believe the memory unit will be more compatible Being built of the previous eDRAM drive formatted into eSRAM to make it more concurrent together allowing you to mix and match memory. ps4 has onnly eSRAM and More when you don't use it it won't do anything and when you use it way to much it will be an energy hog and slow down memory processing With xbox live it runs well off of 10,000 servers now being run off of 300,000 and if you don't have great internet it will do well at an anti lag experience unlike the ps4 where it runs soley off of your internet lagging out the ***. Beta testers don't think that they're are that differently graphic both systems contain blueray drives both systems contain amd octa core processors, I believe xbox one will have a more reliable unit in ddr3 rather than GDDR5, Both systems claim 1080p at 60 FPS but will at first run off more 900p but the main point is xbox one does soooooo much more for the gamer rather than supposedly having "better graphics" Please. Zelda has not the best graphics but is a prodigy so poop I'm not a fan of the pswhore

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    PlayStation 4 Game Console - no question!

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    even though I got xbox360, I would still go for PS4 because there were few exclusive game amount that xbox360 deliver over the past year and PS3 deliver most of the best exclusive game.

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