What's the better phone the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Apple iPhone 5?

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    Xerox copy is an always a Xerox copy its never be an original I-phone rok.........!!

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    Samsung Galaxy S4 looks okay, but it's no iPhone!

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    I voted for Samsung Galaxy S4. iPhones are overrated!

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    Apple iPhone 5! Samsung Galaxy S4 is made of plastic, it's not as reliable as the iPhone 5.

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    THERE IS NO COMPETITION. the GS4 is by far the more dominant phone. SAMSUNG since the GS2 release had crushed APPLE, lol Samsung was the first real threat to the apple Iphone. can you believe that APPLE tried to sue SAMSUNG for biting their idea for the smart bar style phone? when many other companies have come up with bar phones way before samsung and apple did nothing then. More well... since the GS2 samsung got apple on their feet, especially when Steve jobs past. the only thing that's keeping the iphone going are the committed IOS users. I can go on but i feel thats enough for now. PEACE!

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    Created 4 years 11 months 2 weeks ago by Toni Vlaic Report