Once Upon a Time in America

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    This Mafia film is the greatest and last work from Italian director Sergio Leone. Taking place in 1920 to 1960 America the film follows a group Jewish gangsters from childhood into their glory years of the prohibition and as they reunite in their later years.

    movie life and death corruption street gang rape sadistic lovesickness sexual abuse money laundering opium 1930s crime drama
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    Stereotypical Sergio Leone film with endless waitings and sight crossings. One of the performances that made Robert de Niro de actor he is and an interesting way of telling a story and the evolution of America during the years of the alcohol prohibition.

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    Sergio Leone's languid, lovely and lengthy ode to Lower East Side mobsters (more specifically, mobster films) ...

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    Leone is less interested in arousing an audience's easier emotions than in presenting, at a dispassionate distance, the horror of two men warily walking toward each other on a tightrope suspended above the snake pit of their , deepest compulsions.

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    Every gesture is immediate, and every gesture seems eternal.

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    A disappointment of considerable proportions.

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    While Leone's vision still has a magnificent sweep, the film finally subsides to an emotional core that is sombre, even elegiac, and which centres on a man who is bent and broken by time, and finally left with nothing but an impotent sadness.

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    There are times when we don't understand exactly what is happening, but never a time when we don't feel confidence in the film's narrative.

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    As one would expect from Leone, the film is a brilliant stylistic accomplishment.

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    A lazily haullucinatory epic that means to encapsulate approximately 50 years of American social history into a single film.

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    The film slips easily back and forth in time, dancing between the decades, often making the connection from one era to another solely by means of brilliant cuts that work like magic.

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    Seeing what Leone always intended is like getting your dirty glasses washed.

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