Rebel Without a Cause

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    Jim Stark, a rebellious young man with a troubled past, moves to a new town with his parents in hope for a fresh start. It doesn't take Jim long to settle in and make new friends... or new enemies.

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    An unmissable film, made with a delirious compassion.

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    Here is a fairly exciting, suspenseful and provocative, if also occasionally far-fetched, melodrama of unhappy youth on another delinquency kick.

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    Dean's finest film, hardly surprisingly in that Ray was one of the great '50s directors.

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    Like its hero, Rebel Without a Cause desperately wants to say something and doesn't know what it is. If it did know, it would lose its fascination.

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    There are some excruciating flashes of accuracy and truth in this film.

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    An indelible vision of a pretty 1950s America with a searing crack in it.

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