Strange Days

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    Director Kathryn Bigelow comes closer than any other filmmaker to turning movies into a virtual reality trip.

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    Once the premise has lost its promise, and Fiennes's brave attempts at characterization are sacrificed to pseudo-dazzle, everything appears awfully humdrum and, yes, distinctly dated.

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    Undeniably thrilling and troubling.

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    Though the creators of Strange Days may well be interested in its dramatic and thematic elements, they do not have the same touch for these moments as they do for camera pyrotechnics.

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    Bigelow is so enamored of high-tech thrills, and so mesmerized by the violence she seeks to condemn, that her efforts at 11th-hour moralizing seem limp and halfhearted.

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    It's big, explosive entertainment and, although not directed by Cameron, is very much in the vein we've come to expect from him.

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    It's fascinating the way Bigelow is able to suggest so much of VR's impact (and dangers) within a movie - a form of VR that's a century old.

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