Mixed Martial Arts

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    I've been following this sport since the early days of ufc and pride. To me, mma is still not polished. There are plenty of unheralded organizations that are not gaining proper exposure unlike the big ones. It would be better if they will just fight under one organization.

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    The mainstream success of MMA is a nice addition to sports entertainment. Before, I only watch TV because of boxing and basketball. Thanks to mma I had another amazing sport to enjoy.

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    MMA is an entertaining sport but to say that it's better than boxing at this point is absolutely ridiculous. Boxing has earned the reputation of being the premiere combat sports for almost a century whereas MMA has just appeared in the map because of UFC.

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    MMA is indeed the fastest rising sport in the planet. No one can deny the fact that MMA is the future of fighting sports. Especially when boxing's best two fighters are acting like divas by avoiding each other at all cost.

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