The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg (Book)

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    The first half of the book looks promising, it really captured my attention. That being said, the second half is too repetitive. He should have written a few examples and provide analysis and answers. Instead he relies heavily on these examples and it missed the actual purpose of this book. This is to guide people on how to get rid of bad habits.

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    The stories and anecdotes used in this book are pretty interesting but it lacks some useful information that I expected to find in this book. I'm looking for tutorials or how-to but sadly I didn't find those in this book.

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    This book gives us an insight on how and why we develop such habits. It's an easy read, I like it.

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    It's a fun read, I enjoy reading the stories in this book. However, I just can think of a way on how to implement his ideas in real life. I didn't quite get how this book can help me.

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    A really great book

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