East of Eden

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    Two brothers compete for their father's approval and a woman's love.

    movie individual brother brother relationship rebel absent mother southern u.s. big wheel good and bad drama
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    John Steinbeck's painful biblical allegory -- Genesis replayed in Monterey, California, circa 1917 -- is more palatable on the screen, thanks to the down-to-earth performances of James Dean as Cal/Cain and Richard Davalos as Aron/Abel.

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    It's a film of great performances, atmospheric photography, and a sure sense of period and place.

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    Not only one of Kazan's richest films and Dean's first significant role, it is also arguably the actor's best performance.

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    In short, there is energy and intensity but little clarity and emotion in this film. It is like a great, green iceberg: mammoth and imposing but very cold.

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