Absolute Power

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    A master thief coincidentally is robbing a house where a murder in which the President of The United States is involved occurs in front of his eyes. He is forced to run yet may hold evidence that could convict the President. A political thriller from and starring Clint Eastwood and based on a novel by David Baldacci.

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    The plot is a doomsday version of Bill Clinton's Paula Jones problem, but the theme is impending mortality--settling scores before time's up.

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    Doesn't rank with Eastwood's best work as actor/director, but it's nevertheless solidly enjoyable.

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    Mr. Hackman languishes in the smallish role of a White House buffoon, with Judy Davis equally cartoonish as his witchy chief of staff.

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    A first-rate thriller about arrogance at the top, a showdown between two kinds of Americans: the evil, omnipotent bureaucrat and the enterprising, mind-his- own-business loner.

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    Ultimately, this is a thriller in vain search of credible thrills.

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    Almost a drawing room thriller, unhurried and genteel but enlivened with suspense and surprising bursts of sly, even biting, humor.

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    Unintentional yuks litter an otherwise somber political thriller adapted from David Baldacci's novel.

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    The picture might have gotten by if Eastwood had given it some impudent wit. But he directs to the rhythm of his facial muscles.

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    Not many thrillers slow down to notice relationships, but this one does.

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    A fairly routine thriller that gets high marks as a result of tight pacing and top-notch acting.

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