George Washington: The Crossing by Jack E. Levin, Mark R. Levin (Book)

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    The book is a non-fiction, history literature written by Jack E. Levin and co-authored by his son, Mark R. Levin. The story revolves around the heartwarming story of the patriotism during the American Revolution. It features General George Washington as he leads his injured soldiers to cross the icy Delaware River.

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    The timing of this book is perfect. I'm browsing for something to read in a bookstore and I saw this one. It was a short and simple yet a very good read. I'll be reading this book to my children.

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    History well told. Reading this book makes me proud and feeling blessed that I'm living in such a wonderful country. Let's treat this as an inspiration and make ourselves worthy of the sacrifices of our forefathers.

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    The crossing is a brief but fascinating read. Levin's descriptions are so detailed. It gave me a clear picture of how our soldiers did the impossible. It's so inspiring, the bravery of our men and the brilliance of George Washington is a story that should be read by every Americans.

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