Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power by Jon Meacham (Book)

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    Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power is a Non-Fiction book written by Pulitzer Prize winner Jon Meacham about the life of President Thomas Jefferson. It brings the story of the most successful political leader of the nation, letting the readers know the world as Jefferson sees it and allowing them Show more... to appreciate how he found success despite facing economic uncertainty, external threat and fierce political opposition.

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    I cannot question Meacham's credentials as he's a Pulitzer winner but the topics here are presented without much explanation. He just points to a single thing give a brief description then jump out to another topic. Because of that the book looked more of an overview of the life of Thomas Jefferson than a factual one.

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    The art of Power gives me a whole new perception of President Thomas Jefferson. He has some negative traits but that's him. He's a human just like us, he may have some views that I don't disagree but that's what makes him one of the greatest leaders of our country.

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    This book is informative but it's not an exciting read. It never puts you in the perspective of Thomas Jefferson. Perhaps his style of writing doesn't suit me.

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