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    The legend of vampire Count Dracula begins here with this original 1931 Dracula film from Bela Lugosi.

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    An exciting melodrama, not as good as it ought to be but a cut above the ordinary trapdoor-and-winding-sheet type of mystery film.

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    A sublimated ghost story related with all surface seriousness and above all with a remarkably effective background of creepy atmosphere.

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    The opening scenes, set in Dracula's castle, are magnificent -- grave, stately, and severe. But the film becomes unbearably static once the action moves to England.

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    Not by any means the masterpiece of fond memory or reputation, although the first twenty minutes are astonishingly fluid and brilliantly shot by Karl Freund.

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    With Mr. Browning's imaginative direction and Mr. Lugosi's makeup and weird gestures, this picture succeeds to some extent in its grand guignol intentions.

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    Dracula deserves its status as a classic, although one might be tempted to append the word 'lesser' to that label.

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    Certainly it is Lugosi's performance, and the cinematography of Karl Freund, that make Tod Browning's film such an influential Hollywood picture.

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