World of Warcraft Class Warlock

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    Warlocks have abandoned their devotion to arcane and shamanist arts in their lust to find a more superior magic. With their new found source of power, the dreaded demonic magic, Warlocks have become more formidable than ever. They can now drain the life out of their enemy using a series Show more... of potent spells, summon fiendish minions and transform into demons themselves or nuke their foes into oblivion using their devastating fire spells.

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    Warlocks fight their battles from a far and use a very powerful spells them also drains enemies’ soul to charge their powers.

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    Warlocks summons demonic minions to fight with them so this character is one of the strongest. I love it!

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    The good thing about Warlocks is you have the option to choose from three distinct specs and they are Affliction, Demonology and Destruction after choosing you are now ready to kick some b*tt!

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