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    Backblaze is an online file hosting service owned and operated by Backblaze Inc. The service provides unlimited storage space to its users. It currently supports Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

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    Backblaze is really one of the cheapest out there and they have useful features like backing up on external drives. However, I think they're ads are misleading. It's true that there's no limit with the data storage but it doesn't really accept all types of data. It doesn't back up Time Machine, i tried it several times and I get the same error message.

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    For starters Backblaze is ideal, it is the cheapest and it is easy to configure. But if you're uploading huge amount of files you'll better off with other services. Backblaze is too slow, in my case, it took me weeks to upload a 30Gb library.

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    Backblaze is pretty good, I've started using it for a few months. It's cheaper and super easy to use. I highly recommend using it.

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    It's a good, reasonably priced backup provider. They offer unlimited backup with simple to use interface. I also like that I can backup external drives without additional charges.

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