Angst essen Seele auf

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    A simple, delicate, melodramatic German film about a loneliness. With a double moral story about the tainted love between an old woman and a younger Moroccan immigrant worker.

    movie germany foreigner gescheiterte beziehung mutter-tochter-beziehung affäre parents kids relationship wife husband relationship unsociability german-turkish living together drama romance foreign
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    This 1974 film stands as one of Fassbinder's sturdiest achievements, posed between the low-budget funkiness of his early features and the mannerism of his late period.

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    Technically flawless, deceptively simple and avoiding excesses, it is about problems that are timely and timeless in implications.

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    Fassbinder uses dramatic and visual excess to push everyday events to extremes, achieving a degree of political and psychological truth not accessible through mere social realism.

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    It is, rather, another quite courageous attempt by Mr. Fassbinder to develop a film style free of the kind of realistic conventions that sentimentalize life's mysteries.

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    Ali: Fear Eats the Soul might sound like improbable, contrived soap opera. It doesn't play that way.


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