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    Description is a travel website that was launched in 2000 and was founded by Spencer Rascoff, Gregg Brockway, Karl Peterson and Eric Grosse. It offers discounted rates on hotels, car rentals, airfare deals and vacation packages. Hotwire is currently owned and operated by Expedia Inc.

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    I always rely on Hotwire for affordable hotel deals and airfares. It's really the best travel website for me!

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    Through Hotwire, I was able to book a hotel room in Wynn Las Vegas, for half the price. The room was originally priced at $200/night. I love Hot Wire!

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    I booked a car rental for my trip to Australia last month. I specified that I wanted it to be an automatic transmission, 4-door sedan. When we arrived in Oz, we were welcomed by a car that's yes a four-door but it was a stick shift. How am I supposed to drive a manual transmission car? Good thing my husband still remembers how to drive one!

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