Pacific Rim

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    Easily my most favorite movie in last few years. It's like Batman Begins of "big fighting robots" movies. Beats Michael Bay's Transformers trilogy on many levels. Actually it beats most of the latest "invasion" sci-fi movies on many levels. The movement of the giant robots feels very real thanks to the excellent visualization and sound mixing. The main More music theme *is* present every-time when it's needed to build that feeling of justification and awesomeness and it's epic presence is appreciated by the little boy in me watching the monumental scenes with eyes glued to the cinema canvas. It's *maybe* not taking itself very seriously, and characterization is quite flat, but the "threat" still feels more serious than in movies with similar themes. I couldn't get rid of the wide *cheshire cat grin* on my face when I was driving back home. It was *that* good. Thank you Guillermo del Toro.

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