Rumble Fish

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    Rusty James, an absent-minded street thug struggles to live up to his legendary older brother's reputation, and longs for the days when gang warfare was going on.

    movie street gang billard colour-blindness s. e. hinton action adventure crime drama romance
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    If Rumble Fish fails as a traditional movie about real people, it is beguiling as an exercise in hallucinatory style.

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    Overwrought and overthought.

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    Coppola's recent viewing seems to have been German silent films of the '20s, so he has decided to coat the whole enterprise in a startling Expressionist style, which is very arresting but hardly appropriate to the matter in hand.

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    This is a movie you are likely to hate, unless you can love it for its crazy, feverish charm.

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    A number of the images in Rumble Fish are more memorable than the film is as a whole, sometimes for the wrong reasons.

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    The action is clotted and murky, and Coppola obviously hasn't bothered to clarify it for the members of his cast, who wander through the film with expressions of winsome, honest befuddlement.

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