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    A&W is an American fast food chain that began in 1923. It was founded by partners Roy W. Allen and Frank Wright in Lodi, California. They are known for beverages like root beer and root beer floats and frosty mugs. They also offer French fries, chicken, hotdogs and hamburgers. They now have over 1,200 locations worldwide.

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    The Burgers are so good! It’s so tasty and succulent and the best part of all is it’s not expensive at all.

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    When you say A&W the first thing that comes into my mind was their root beer float. The burgers were also good and juicy but I’m really crazy about their float! Yumm-oh!

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    The crew was very slow. It took me forever to gat my burger! It was really disappointing. I will never go back to this place again.

    4 years 11 months ago Comment Report Share

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