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    McAfee Online Backup is an online backup solution by McAfee Inc and powered by Mozy. It offers easy, fully automated backup and secures your files using a 128-bit SSL encryption then stores it on a remore server online.

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    This software is pretty straightforward but it has been reliable so far. It's a good choice for those who are looking for a no frills unlimited backup service.

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    The program works great for me so far, no problems with the backups, I'm hoping for the same thing once I restore my files.

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    This program is good for backing up files but wait retrieve them. It's so tedious, it took me about a day just to download the files and extracting them is another story.

    4 years 3 months 4 weeks ago Comment Report Share

    Anyone who went through the restoring process of this ill-fated software knows that it is not worth a single penny at all.

    4 years 4 months ago Comment Report Share

    $5 per month for unlimited storage is a good deal, considering this is from McAfee. I have always been a fan of the company and they are the only brand that I trust when it comes to computer utility programs.

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    I have tried their online backup service, the one bundled with total security and it is not that impressive. It's just straight forward backup and restore there's no file sharing, no mobile apps and other features that I'm looking for.

    4 years 4 months 2 weeks ago Comment Report Share
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