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    CrashPlan s an online file hosting service which is owned and operated by Code42, a company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. It is available in 4 types the CrashPlan Free, Individual, Family and Business plans. The service is offered to Mac, Windows, Solaris, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile users.

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    Happy CrashPlan user here, they are a little pricey compared to my previous (BackBlaze) but the services are far superior. I have been using Crashplan+unlimited for almost 2 years and so far so good. I encountered minor problems which their customer support easily resolved and I don't see any reason to switch to other back-up services.

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    CrashPlan is a pretty good, been with them for a few years without much hassle. Only thing that I didn't like about them is that their prices are misleading. For example, they advertise $5.99 per month of unlimited storage but it's actually the price when you choose their long term contract where they are giving @ discounts. The actual price of Crash Unlimited is about double More of that amount.

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    Budget wise and security wise CrashPlan is the best option out there.. They saved my files a number of times. I'm using it to back up my files on different computers without additional charges.

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