Some Like It Hot

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    Two musicians witness a mob hit and struggle to find a way out of the city before they are found by the gangsters. Their only opportunity is to join an all-girl band as they leave on a tour. To make their getaway they must first disguise themselves as women, then Show more... keep their identities secret and deal with the problems this brings - such as an attractive bandmate and a very determined suitor.

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    Lemmon digs out most of the laughs in the script. As for Marilyn, she's been trimmer, slimmer and sexier in earlier pictures.

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    The Great American Comedy (if you discount the Marx Brothers).

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    Pictures like this, with a sense of humor that is as broad as it can be sophisticated, come along only infrequently.

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    In many ways, the ultimate Billy Wilder film -- replete with breathless pacing, transvestite humor, and unflinching cynicism.

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    One of Wilder's funniest satires.

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    Some Like It Hot does cool off considerably now and again, but Mr. Wilder and his carefree clowns keep it crackling and funny most of the time.

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    Wilder's 1959 comedy is one of the enduring treasures of the movies, a film of inspiration and meticulous craft.

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