The Old Fox

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    The Old Fox is a German crime drama created by Helmut Ringelmann. It premiered on April 11, 1977 on ZDF. Since 1978 the series is part of the legendary Friday Crime Night of the network.

    It depicts the crime solving activities of four police detectives, Chief Inspector Erwin Köster, Show more... played by Siegfried Lowitz until 1985, from 1986 to 2007 Chief Inspector Leo Kress, played by Rolf Schimpf, from 2008 to 2012 Chief Inspector Rolf Herzog, played by Walter Kreye and from 2012 Chief Inspector Richard Voss, played by Jan-Gregor Kremp.

    Humble and unassuming in appearance, chief detective Köster is the "Old Fox". By understanding the psychological make-up of his suspect, the "Old Fox" craftily leads the criminal into his own trap, to the great surprise of his often perplexed staff. The "Old Fox" has his own way of working. Wearied by the negative elements he has witnessed so often in society, the "Old Fox" provides a unique insight into human nature.

    Armed with the wisdom of age and experience, the "Old Fox" hunts down criminals in Munich, assisted by his colleagues Werner Riedmann, played by Markus Böttcher, Gerd Heymann, played by Michael Ande, and Axel Richter, played by Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss.

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