Bloch Park, 108 W Dallas Ave, Selma

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    108 W Dallas Ave,
    Selma, AL, United States

    Bloch Park is a baseball stadium in Selma, Alabama, United States. The Selma Cloverleafs of the independent Southeastern League of Professional Baseball played here before folding prior to the 2003 season. Professional baseball was also played here in the 1940s-60s as part of the Alabama-Florida League. Then venue was also Show more... home to the summer collegiate Selma Toros from 2002-2005. The team will resume play in May 2013.
    The park features a small, covered grandstand that contains all bench seating and seats about 1,500. It is also used for high school and American Legion baseball.

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    The restroom are always nasty . I have seen people drinking alcohol . It's ok other then those things .

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