St Andrews Golf & Country Club, 8799 Edinburg Dr, Winston

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    8799 Edinburg Dr,
    Winston, GA, United States
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    I was there today and was amazed by the service. We had a tee time for 1 o'clock, but my brother was running late because he left his shoes in his wife's car and had to wait for her from running errands . They were very accommodating to allow us to get a later tee time. On top of that, we had a Groupon coupon and they allowed us to still use it. For that price, this is the best deal around. I will for sure be going back. The greens are a little slow, but they had just aerated the greens. The fairways were very good. Some tee boxes were a little hard. However, this is the best value for the money in the West Georgia Area.

    2012-09-09 5
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    What a crap shoot of a golf course. In my 15 years of golfing, i have never witnessed something this bad at a golf course. We get there and the lady behind the counter was horribly rude, wanted to punch her in the face. We then go to tee off and there was a line, no big deal. The marshal or lack there of let off 3 two-somes in a row without pairing them up. So we did not tee off till 30 minutes after our tee time. I am pretty sure the marshal was a migrant worker who did not understand how this game worked, Overall, a course that was in terrible shape, rude management, and know one there knowing what they were doing. Its not close too atlanta and do not make the mistake we did by driving out there.

    2012-12-02 2
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    Terrible design and even worse Staff. Can't believe this group of people came hold of a golf course. If only they had a clue and an ounce of courtesy then the course could be successful but apparently they still continue to fail with no intentions of improving. Save your money and drive closer to Atlanta

    2013-02-24 2
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    The course was decent, but is was not worth the hour drive. I used my Father's Day Groupon for the green fees, cart, and range balls. The greens were inconsistent, and filled with weeds. I couldn't imagine paying full price for St. Andrews Golf and Country Club. Overall, I enjoyed this Parks and Rec course.

    2012-10-08 3
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    Well the management has surely chimed in and wrote themselves a stunning review. No one who has played this course would rate it as 5 stars. Biggest hangup...RUDE STAFF! Beginning with the bitter old lady that runs the counter, continued by a grumpy starter, and exemplified best by a marshal who is very lucky I was in a good mood that day. I have seen better customer service at an inner city McDonald's! Never have I been treated so poorly at a golf course, let alone a "country club" (yeah right). I cannot believe I drove out of the city to play here. BAD BAD BAD!! Don't waste your time...

    2011-12-25 1
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