Chickasabogue Park, 760 Aldock Rd, Prichard

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    760 Aldock Rd,
    Prichard, AL, United States
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    Kayaking rental is cost effective, $20 for full day and kayak rental. Great waters, sandbars, and views. Excellent facility.

    2013-05-18 5
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    Lots to do...hiking, bike trails, 2 disc golf courses, HUGE grassy park, canoeing, river beach for sand play time, camping-RVs, tent, or primitive. Free Showers and flush toilet. Nominal fees to access park and camping.

    2011-03-26 4
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    Went kayaking here on 4/2/2011 and LOVED IT! Nice, smooth, calm waters for a couple of newbies. Highly recommend. $1.00 entrance fee.

    2011-04-27 4
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