Hampton Inn Mobile North-Saraland, 1320 Industrial Pkwy, Saraland

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    1320 Industrial Pkwy,
    Saraland, AL, United States
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    I reserved a King room and when I got there they didn't have that. Instead, they gave me the room directly next to the guest laundry facilities, which I asked to be changed immediately. The room was adequate but not what I typically expect from a Hampton Inn. The room was very clean, so that is a plus! Overall, this was average but don't have your expectations too high.

    2009-05-19 3
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    My family and I were traveling from Houston, TX to Atlanta, GA. It was at 9pm when called to make reservation at Hampton Inn in Saraland, AL. We asked Reservest at Hotel how far are we from the Hampton, Sandy informed us we were 30 miles away. SHE DID NOT INFORM US ABOUT CANCELLATION POLICY!! She asked for my credit card to HOLD room. She did not inform us she was going to CHARGE my credit card. When hung up with Sandy we noticed the exit numbers increasing instead of decreasing. We the hotel back and spoke with Sandy again. After trying to figure out were we where exactly, she told us we were going the opposite direction. I asked her to cancel my reservation and we would stay at the next Hampton Inn in Montgomery, AL. She said we have to called the 1800 or cancel online. We were in the care 9pm at night, so we could not cancel online, however we called the 1800 number. They informed us (SAM the supervisor), to call the hotel again directly because they have a policy of no cancellations after 4pm, so the hotel has to cancel it directly. We called Sandy back and she told us she can not cancel it, but to call back in the morning, the last time she cancel a reservation she got into trouble, but she knows her supervisior will cancel it. She DID NOT tell me THERE ARE NO CANCELLATIONS AFTER 4PM. She assured me my reservation will be cancelled. I called the 1800 number again and the rep told me that they can not cancel it. When I called back in the morning the next day, I explained the situation and the representative said everything will be taken care of and it was already cancelled and she knows about the situation. She also said our money will be refunded to us. This happened the night of April 9th. Two days later our money is not refunded. I called the hotel again and talked to Kimya. She was not helpful and did offer anything and had no empathy. She just kept stating the hotel's policy. My issue is I was never informed of the policy when I gave my credit card number and I was told my money was going to be refunded. During these tough ecomonic times I do not have money to throw away, I am a military wife and my husband is currently on orders. Basically I am a single mother and was taking my daughter on a trip for spring break. I have always enjoyed staying at the Hampton Inn because I thought they had excellent customer service and carter to families. Now I see this is not the case, not only do I know other military personnel who travel frequently, my mother is also a MD, my director is a psychologist, I work as a professional counselor who see many clients daily, I am also a Zumba Instructor and in the future will be conducting out of town retreats, however the Hampton Inn was on the top of my list, but it has traveled to the bottom. I am very active in different organizational groups and volunteer work at schools. I have told and will continue to tell people about this situation and not to stay at the Hampton Inn. I have also contacted my bank USAA about this situation to cancell these charges. The representative seemed to not be trained to the best of her ability because of not informing of the policy and she seemed to not know her geography. As for the Front Desk Manager, she did not care that her rep Sandy did not inform me of the cancellation policy then she tells me every hotel has a cancellation policy. I do not work at a hampton Inn nor do I work at a hotel. In addition if any merchant was planning on charging my card, they would have informed me which Sandy did not. This is very bad business and I am very disappointed.

    2011-04-17 1
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