Daphne High School, 9300 Lawson Rd, Daphne

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    9300 Lawson Rd,
    Daphne, AL, United States
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    hate it so much all they care about is they way the school looks. Don't bring your kids to this school the drop out/transfer rate is very high. Don't bring your child to this school its a very bad school!

    2014-04-01 1
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    Drop out rate is much higher than is reported. Check how many students leave DHS while in 9-11 grades...many try home schooling programs before eventually dropping out. Don't believe the statistics that baldwin county reports, instead check how many Daphne 17-19 yr olds are taking GED tests. The principal is much more concerned with manipulating statistics than actually helping students achieve. DHS has some good teachers but they can't overcome the administration. The students suffer because the Baldwin County Superintendent and Board of Education will not address the leadership problem they have at DHS.

    2009-08-23 1
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