SUBWAY® Restaurants (C-Store / Gas Station), 101 E Stewart Ave, Opp

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    101 E Stewart Ave,
    Opp, AL, United States
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    when I want extra mayo, or onions thats what I want. I have been in line here several times and others commented that they were skimpy with the sauce and veggies and some wont go back, and I cut my visits by 80% I told them and I heard other say I'll pay extra just put on what I want in what amount I want it, and they say OK, but it's lip service as they do not do it. Their is something not getting through in a cultural barrier as when you get a Native American working on the sandwich it's pretty good over all. I just don't like taking chances that it's gonna be a foreigner sandwich maker whom I cannot communicate with or they think they know better what you need than you do. Honestly the folks are ok but it just the culture is foreign and unacceptable.

    2014-01-14 2
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    Great subs love cold cut trios

    2012-09-04 5
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