Bethel Alaska PC, 460 Ridgecrest Dr, Bethel

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    460 Ridgecrest Dr,
    Bethel, AK, United States
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    Rather than let anger rule the day I decided to be clear headed and as fair as possible, so I waited a while before actually writing this. Recently (November 2013), my external hard drive failed and I lost 16000 Mp3 tracks and all my wedding pictures. Being that I live in the Alaskan bush my resources are limited. I fooled around with it for a few days and then decided to take it to Bethel PC on the recommendation of a friend. The owner seemed nice enough. I introduced myself, we exchanged pleasantries and he asked me me what I did for a living. I answered his question and he responded by saying, "Oh, I could do that." Not an unusual question, but his response seemed a little defensive. Regardless, I chalked it up to small talk and explained my situation. I was in no rush, so left my hard drive with him for 2 days and then gave him a call back. During the phone call he explained to me that he hadn't had any luck and I sadly said, "That's OK. I'll be leaving to the lower 48 soon. Maybe some one with a different skill set will have better luck." He jokingly said (at least I thought he was joking) that only his grandmother could question his skill set. Thinking he was joking I said, if he wanted to he could call me grandpa. This, to my surprise, angered him and he began to raise his voice. A yelling match began. After I while, I said that I think he misinterpreted my statement and apologized. Despite me profusely apologizing, the yelling continued, and he eventually hung up on me. I immediately drove to his office and ask for my hard drive. He asked if I was there to apologize and I said that I already had. He sarcastically said, "Sure you did." He agreed to give me back my drive and I offered to pay him for his time. He refused payment, but continued to whine that I disrespected him by questioning his skill set. I attempted to explain (again) that he had misinterpreted what I said and that I was merely suggesting that maybe someone who does data recovery professionally could have better luck. His response was that the only reason he didn't do data recovery was because he didn't have a "clean room", but that it had nothing to do his skill set. I gave up and just waited for him to hand me back my hard drive. To be fair, maybe he was just having a bad day. Maybe he's insecure about his abilities as a techie. I don't think I was being rude....but maybe I was. Unfortunately, I cant recommend this business. For someone who works with the public he's extremely insecure about his abilities. Ironically, I took my hard drive the next day to a coworker to look at and he repaired it in 15 minutes. Apparently he had a better skill set.

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