Villa Rica High School, 600 Rocky Branch Rd, Villa Rica

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    600 Rocky Branch Rd,
    Villa Rica, GA, United States
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    As a mother of junior at Villa Rica High School (2011-2012) I have to say that I have seen many changes over the past 3 years and am excited to see what is coming down the line. I must start out by saying that any and all high schools are going to have their "issues". It doesn't matter where the school is located or who attends it. High School is High School and it is full of TEENAGERS!! WE as their parents must raise our children to steer clear of those wrong pathways, to treat others with respect...especially their elders (teachers) and to take pride in their school and community by getting involved in the schools sports or clubs and activities and being involved in the community. If we keep our children busy with things to do....less time for them to get into trouble. As a VRHS parent I have not really been privy to any major issues that are ongoing. I believe that for the most part we have a good group of children that are being taught by some of the most caring & dedicated teachers out there. The school itself has been through some faculty changes through the years but I believe we have finally found a wonderful principal in Mr. Adam Herring and the hiring of the new football coach, Coach Mike Falleur and his staff is a much needed addition.(can you tell my son plays football) Coach is not only dedicated to his players but to all the student body as well as the entire Villa Rica community. The community itself has become more involved in things like Friday nights games and the touchdown club since Coach Falleur has come on staff. The building itself has made so many changes. In 3-4 years, we have built the 9th grade academy building, the field house, after the floods the total renovations of the 100 hall, the media center rennovations, the expansion of the cafeteria, we have just finished up this past season improving our football stands and concessions, the practice field and the stairs to the field house, we've added additional parking and are currently building the new gym and starting on the baseball complex. All this with so many other things to come in the near near future! I must say that next year, May 2013 I will be sad to see my son graduate and leave behind his years on that football field, leave behind the caring dedicated teacher like Ms. Cox, Ms. Banks, Ms. Hardegree, Coach Blevins, Coach, Tucker and most of all Coach Falleur. But I know that thanks to his years at VRHS he will be ready to take on 4 years of college and be prepared for the "real world". I have another child that will follow behind and enter into VRHS in 2017 and I look forward to see what changes have been made then. I am proud to say I am a Villa Rica Wildcat parent!

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    I currently attend Villa Rica and believe that the school administration does the best that it can with what limited funds they receive. Funding is much needed on account of the rapid increase in the student body due to industrialization of VR. Discipline is a problem- we are constantly shifting through principals. The county's funding always finds a way of ending up elsewhere.

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