The Bristol Inn, 104 Main St, Dillingham

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    104 Main St,
    Dillingham, AK, United States

    The Hatchet Inn is an historic public house situated on Frogmore Street, Bristol, England. The name is thought to originate from the axes/hatchets that the local woodsmen used in Clifton Woods.
    It dates from 1606 but has undergone significant alteration since and is a grade II listed building.
    Since the Show more... 1980s the Hatchet has been associated as one of Bristol's few alternative pubs and remains popular with followers of alternative lifestyles. The pub has a pool room located upstairs as well as a venue which is used for clubs and can be hired for private bookings. There is a beer garden located on the side of the property, facing the O2 Academy venue.
    Located behind the pub was the old Cannon Cinema, which closed down in 2000. The building is now an Academy Night Club/gig venue were many well known bands have played.
    In the 18th Century there was a Rat Pitt at the rear of the building.
    In September 2006 the Hatchet celebrated its 400 year anniversary. The streets nearby were closed, staff and some regular customers dressed up in historic costumes.

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