Pilot Travel Center, 6109 U.S. 43, Satsuma

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    6109 U.S. 43,
    Satsuma, AL, United States
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    Not bad for a Pilot. It's a bit of a wait generally to get back out on the road though; the intersection at entrance is terrible. The Arbys wasn't bad and I didn't have any problem with the staff.

    2013-12-07 4
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    Poor. Fuel Problem. Every time. ... very bad!

    2014-01-01 1
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    If you're white, you may not know it at first, but will soon realize your wearing an invisibility suit while you're in line at the Arby's. Racist staff >_<

    2012-01-15 1
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    It's all good

    2012-07-16 5
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    This place is always packed.

    2012-08-23 5
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