Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Anniston/Oxford, 160 Colonial Dr, Oxford

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    160 Colonial Dr,
    Oxford, AL, United States
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    After 9 hours on the road this HIExpress & Suites was the answer. Located right off I-20 in Oxford/Anniston, AL. A little more than an hour west of Atlanta. Friendly check-in, housekeeping and dining room staff, very clean, inviting rooms. A/C efficient, bed great. Lone Star Steakhouse is next door and and is on the room service menu. Delivered in less than 30 minutes with no additional fee added. Breakfast was cereal or eggs and biscuits or pancakes made on the spot in less than a minute. Dining room was clean and well stocked. Overall, this may be the best HIExpress I've stayed in during my many years of business travel.

    2013-07-12 5
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    Really tho ...I like this holiday inn express ..I just wish they would fix the hot tub...been down since the start of this some plot here???warning do not stay at the Hampton's next door.. Got bite by something and still have a rash from there, plus I thinking they have undercover agents there..perhaps from FPS...LOOK IT UP! TEFLON

    2013-06-29 3
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    We made resvervations for 3 days 12/10 - 12/13. We arrived late and were greeted with our room cards immediately. We entered the room to find a very exceptionally clean and visually appealing room. Everything was top quality from the towels to the linens. The staff was very professional and helpful. The breakfast was fresh and very tasty. We were very impressed with everything. Today it's very unusual to find a good hotel. I would reccommend this hotel very highly. Very much worth the money spent. You can't go wrong.

    2008-12-13 5
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