Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge, 1 Brenwick-Craig Rd, Copper River

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    1 Brenwick-Craig Rd,
    Copper River, AK, United States
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    The location is really first rate. We got a great price by booking well in advance. The views are fantastic. The hiking trails around the lodge are a joy. The internet connection was good even from our room even though it is only supposed to work from the lobby. We didn't try the restaurant but the food looked good but on the pricey side (maybe not for Alaska). The staff was very helpful. The hotel brought in a park ranger on Saturday night to put on a slide show on the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park that was most informative.

    2011-07-25 5
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    Food is very good, view is wonderful of the mountains. We found prices to be a bit high, but for a nice dinner, it was closest to Glennallen, so we would treat outselves from time to time. I did notice that it was placed north of the intersection of hwys 1 & 4, it's actually south. The miles start at 0 at Valdez, Glennallen junction is about 114, so this is before you get to the junction going north.

    2008-04-16 4
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    Great place to stay. Reasonable rates and great hospitality. Will definitely be back!!

    2011-08-06 5
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