Mobile Civic Center, 401 Civic Center Dr, Mobile

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    401 Civic Center Dr,
    Mobile, AL, United States

    Mobile Civic Center is a multi-purpose arena located in Mobile, Alabama. Owned by the City of Mobile and operated by SMG, the arena comprises three venues: A theater, an expo hall, and an arena. It is suitable for large indoor events; including sporting events and trade shows. The theater has Show more... seating for 1,940, while the expo hall can seat 3,000. The largest venue of the Mobile Civic Center is the arena, which can seat 10,112.

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    The management at this facility is absolutly horrible. I do not think I will ever go back to the Mobile Civic Center for anything. The building needs tons of repairs and there is horrible security. As a matter of fact I believe the civic center needs security to monitor the already existing security!!!!! I was treated very badly by one of the managers, yelled at as a matter of fact.

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