Baker High School, 8901 Airport Blvd, Mobile

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    8901 Airport Blvd,
    Mobile, AL, United States

    Baker High School (Columbus, Georgia) was built in 1943 in the shadow of Fort Benning, Georgia. It was named for Newton Diehl Baker, Secretary of War during World War I. The first graduates received their diplomas in 1945. Baker High served Columbus and Fort Benning for nearly fifty years, producing Show more... graduates who excelled in scholarship, athletics, and the arts. The last class of seniors graduated on June 6, 1991. The Baker name lives on at Baker Middle School a few blocks east on Benning Drive. On May 18, 2013; a historical marker was placed at the site of the former school by the Historic Chattahoochee Commission and the Baker High School Alumni Association.

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