Mendeltna Creek Lodge, 153 Glenn Hwy, Glennallen

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    153 Glenn Hwy,
    Glennallen, AK, United States
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    Some of the best people you'll ever meet! Every memorial day weekend I make a trip up to the lodge for the bluegrass festival. The owners are such a nice couple, Allowing jam sessions in the lodge while music plays out on the stage. Very hospitable and the food is great! Mabel and Russ are amazing.

    2012-05-28 5
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    Stay away from this place, the owners are CRAZY. She throws stuff at customers and screams and yells for no apparent reason I guess its just who you are. Locals dont care for them either not very social and have run off all there business including their Camper Park customers. I would suggest you stay in Glennallen as there are several very nice parks there as well as a nice hotel.

    2009-08-12 1
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