Hampton Inn Auburn, 2430 S College St, Auburn

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    2430 S College St,
    Auburn, AL, United States
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    Nice hotel with a decent price. The location is next to the highway which is convenient to college street and there's a ball park behind us if you play baseball tournaments this is a prime location. There is also a gas station next door which is also very convenient. However don't advertise a gym when all that's in it is a treadmill and an elliptical. They could have at least had a nautilus machine. Also if you are light sleeper u would suggest a room not facing the street as there is plenty of traffic and you can definitely hear it. I woukd give it 3.5 - 4 stars on a 5 star level.

    2013-03-16 3
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    The hotel is older, and was redone or at least part of it was, my door had to be slammed to shut it, if it would do it then. The front desk staff and the ladies serving the meals were very nice and helpful, very professional. Whomever was cleaning my room however was not, two days in a row during my stay my towels that were on the floor were refolded and even my bathmat that was soaking wet was refolded and placed back onto my tub. My bed was not made during my entire stay, it would just be thrown onto the chair. I did complain about the towels and bath mat and they were replaced the next day. I stay in hotels rooms over 200 nights per year, usually Hampton or Holiday Inn and when I book them I just naturally assume that they will be good. Not the case with this one, and I will be reading reviews before I book another Hampton.

    2013-06-11 2
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    This place is horrible. The manager (Mark) charged my card without my permission and refused to refund it. Not only did he refuse, he said he could refund it but was "choosing not to" in spite of the fact that he "had the power to do so." It was only $32, but seriously? The customer service was APPALLING. They couldn't find my name or reservation or why the card was charged the awkward amount. In frustration before the call was over as I continued to calmly press him on the issue, he hung up on me to answer his cell phone (that I could hear ringing). The location may be great, but that's the only good thing about this hotel. MANAGEMENT IS ATROCIOUS and is no wonder why it has so many bad reviews.

    2011-10-28 1
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    I left a very important bag there on Sunday... It is now Wednesday and it is still sitting there and I am four states away. Of course it is my fault for leaving it but seriously?!? The National Parcel services wont let me schedule a pickup from a hotel without them packaging it or printing off the label. No one knows what is going on and I keep on getting passed off to someone. Wouldn't you do something if a random bag has been sitting in your office for three days?!? I can only call so much! I just want to give them my credit card number at this point, I don't care if they buy a pizza with it too. WHY DON'T YOU HAVE RECOVERY SYSTEMS IN PLACE... YOU'RE A HOTEL!

    2012-02-15 1
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    This is a redone older hotel that did not spend it in all the right places. The rooms are average at best. The bathrooms are small and dated and not the cleanest by comparison to any other Hampton Inn. I am a Diamond VIP with Hilton and stay at Hiltons worldwide.

    2009-03-30 2
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