Kenai Fjords Tours, 1304 4th Ave, Seward

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    1304 4th Ave,
    Seward, AK, United States
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    It was an absolutely wonderful experience, full with an informative captain, many wildlife sightings, and a fantastic view. I LOVED it. Absolutely amazing. <3

    2013-08-27 5
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    It was bit expensive but worth the money and time spent. Should make changes to lunch option but FOX Island dinner was great. We saw all kind animals including whales. The wild life view was great.

    2012-07-31 5
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    Loved the Aaliak Glacier Tour

    2013-07-15 5
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    Expensive but worth the trip. We saw bald eages, otters, sea lions... And just gorgeous wilderness.

    2010-09-03 3
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    Another great touring company that will not disappoint.

    2012-12-14 5
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