Skyview High School, 46188 Sterling Hwy, Soldotna

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    46188 Sterling Hwy,
    Soldotna, AK, United States

    Skyview High School is a four-year public secondary school in Nampa, Idaho. Opened in 1996, it is the second of three traditional high schools operated by the Nampa School District #131.
    Skyview is on a block schedule, with students taking 4 classes on A day and 4 classes on B Show more... day. Upper classmen select from a rich array of choices to help them realize their dreams for “Grade 13” or life beyond high school. Those choices include career-oriented academies, rigorous college-level courses, professional technical programs, general studies, and more. Overall, the school has a 91.27% graduation rate, making Skyview High excel beyond its two counterparts, Columbia and Nampa High. Skyview is highly known for their outstanding athletics. From the basketball team to the Dance team. The Skyview Blue Angels have represented Skyview since it has opened. Winning 4 State Championships and 1 National Championship. They are under the direction of Annie Calhoun.

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