Kiva Dunes, 815 Plantation Rd, Gulf Shores

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    815 Plantation Rd,
    Gulf Shores, AL, United States

    Kiva Dunes is a public golf course located in Baldwin County, just west of Gulf Shores, Alabama. The course was designed by professional golfer Jerry Pate, and was immediately ranked #2 in Golf Digest's Best New Public Course when it opened in 1995. More recently, the publication ranked the course Show more... #58 on America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses. GolfLink currently lists Kiva Dunes as one of the best golf course in the state and it is ranked #44 in Golf Week's Top 100 Resort Courses and #76 in their Top 100 Residential Courses.

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    Played the course over Memorial Day 2008. On about 50% of the greens, there are large "rough spots" where the grass has died and the greens keepers have placed fine sand that is used for fixing divots. Problem is that the pin was placed next to or in the middle of these areas. It made putting inaccurate at best as you couldn't judge where the rough spots would throw the ball. Played the whites on Sunday and the blue tees on Monday. Neither made that much of a difference in scoring. Two very difficult problems, (1) Greens, I would rate their condition as a C- (for such a highly rated course) (2) Sand traps. Every green is protected by bunkers so deep that some have stairs to get into them. The sand is as fine as powdered sugar and on two occasions, the ball plugged so deep that only about a dime size of the top of the ball was visible. In a bunker that is 7-8' deep, with the ball plugged in fine sand, you are toast. Played a course called Pennisula about 5 miles closer to Gulf Shores and it was absolutely fablous! Tried to change our Monday round to here but couldn't because the place we booked the vacation was closed for the holiday. All in all, on Kiva Dunes, fairways and tee boxes are rated "A" for condition. Greens were disappointing and I would rate "C" at best on this visit. Found the staff to be very helpful and were not rude or disrespectful at all. Good luck!

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