Ladd-Peebles Stadium, 1621 Virginia St, Mobile

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    1621 Virginia St,
    Mobile, AL, United States

    Ladd–Peebles Stadium is a stadium in Mobile, Alabama. It is primarily used for American football, and is the home field for the Senior Bowl, the Bowl, and the University of South Alabama Jaguars. It opened in 1948 and has a seating capacity of 33,471.
    It was originally named for Show more... Ernest F. Ladd, a local banking magnate who died in 1941. In 1997, it was renamed to honor E.B. Peebles, a civic leader who was instrumental in the revitalization of the Senior Bowl.
    In addition to football, the stadium is also used for concerts, boxing matches, high school graduations, trade shows, and festivals. Ed Sullivan, Jimmy Buffett, Taylor Swift and many other entertainers have performed at Ladd–Peebles Stadium.

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    Ladd is mobilians center for football entertainment

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