Mount Massive, Leadville Ranger District, Leadville

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    Leadville Ranger District,
    Leadville, CO 80461, US

    Mount Massive at 14,428 feet is a fourteener in the Sawatch Range of the U.S. state of Colorado. It is the second highest peak in the Rocky Mountains, edging out the third highest, Mount Harvard, by 7 feet, and falling short of Mount Elbert by 12 feet. It is the Show more... third highest peak in the contiguous United States. It is located in Lake County, approximately 10 miles west-southwest of Leadville and 18 miles east of Aspen. It lies in the Mount Massive Wilderness, part of the San Isabel National Forest.
    Mount Massive was first surveyed and climbed in 1873 during the Hayden Survey of the American West; survey member Henry Gannett is credited with the first ascent. Its name comes from its elongated shape: it has five summits, all above 14,000 ft, and a summit ridge over 3 mi long, resulting in more area above 14,000 ft than any other mountain in the 48 contiguous states, narrowly edging Mount Rainier in that category. Mount Elbert is Mount Massive's nearest neighbor among the fourteeners; it lies about 5 mi south-southeast of the peak.

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