Dimond High School, 2909 W 88th Ave, Anchorage

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    2909 W 88th Ave,
    Anchorage, AK, United States
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    I went there for a little more than a year. Socially, I noticed a lot of cliques. You wouldn't see some people talking to certain people. Ever. However, joining clubs or simply having an outrageous personality would get you cool points. Academically, I think this school has got it going on. The teachers care about you a lot and there's always someone (staff) willing to advise you when you need it. I loved most of the staff. I definitely feel like I learned a lot compared to the other schools I went to. +MAJOR advise here: If you're having trouble making friends, join a dorky club/group. Chess, Drama, DDF, Art, ROTC, etc. +Also, this goes out to anyone in any of the schools in Anchorage: Take higher level classes. That means AP/Honors. If you really care about learning, then I recomend it. They aren't that much harder, you learn the same content, but in depth. Also, assignments that you get are a lot more than pasting a picture on a board and dusting glitter on it. They are more interesting. They test you more. Take them!! +AP students at Dimond are the cliquey ones. Its like they've known each other forever and they're also the populars. Not good. That is all.

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