Pensacola Christian College, 250 Brent Ln, Pensacola

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    250 Brent Ln,
    Pensacola, FL, United States

    Pensacola Christian College is a fundamentalist, Independent Baptist liberal arts college in Pensacola, Florida. Since its 1974 inception PCC was opposed to accreditation, but reversed this position and was accredited with Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools in 2013.

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    Wonderful school! Excellent teachers who really care about you and take extra time with you. My teachers and roommates are my favorite memories. The Bible is a part of every day, which is wonderful. You have to take a Bible class every semester and yes you have to take your Bible. There are a lot of rules but that's because one person did something bad and ruins it for everyone. Kayaking for free at their West Campus was so much fun. Highly recommend this great and affordable college!

    2013-12-12 5
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    A bunch of hateful bigots. Threw out a boy and a girl whom both had been raped, even had the gall to tell the guy that he was lying. They said the girl was a fornicator - what, did the dean pay 50 shekels to her father to marry her, like it says in Deuteronomy?

    2014-03-13 1
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    I won't say it's awful, but there are several problems, to say the least... Where to start: The school sends out students to do what they call 'evangelism'. The students that go out may be given a set of pitches and lines about God and the Bible, but it truly lacks depth of any real knowledge about either of the two. They may be able to quote many verses faster than you can say Jack Rabbit, but those same students can't answer why they believe that the Bible is God's Word, where the Bible comes from or who gets to decide what's scripture. All they can repeat is 2 Timothy 3:16, but that commits the fallacy of circular reasoning. They simply lack the philosophical understanding of the Bible, and are not trained in an authentic technique in using the Bible as an aid in salvation. The majority of the time, students get stuck in controversy, and when under pressure, they begin patronizing people by telling them they're going to Hell. That's rather peculiar to represent a "Christian" school in that manner when there are no Biblical accounts of Christ personally telling anyone that they were going to Hell. They may have many good principles and well-intentioned rules, but it goes overboard by sending out other students to watch and catch you doing something wrong. Where I come from, we call that stalking. I recommend researching a place named Qumran and the ethics of their community to compare the two. Lastly, I find it rather misleading to call it a college when it lacks accreditation, which is necessary if you plan on pursuing a career outside of an actual church organization. No job outside of a church would ever hire someone from a school without accreditation. Sorry, but the Truth hurts and the Truth is offensive, and there was no one more full of Truth than Jesus Christ, Himself. Just see how lovingly offensive Jesus was to His contemporaries.

    2013-12-17 1
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    If you're looking for an institution with little educational value and the chance to be a rape victim, then this is the school for you. Based off god's holy word, this institution protects the rapist and blames the raped. They are used vessels and god has no use for used vessels.

    2014-03-13 1
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    Legalistic as all get out. Can be really fun if you want it to be. It's all what you make of it. If you have money go somewhere else. If you're about that debt free life, it's an excellent choice for the money. I graduated in 2012

    2014-01-02 3
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